Electronic ballast

Electronic Ballasts manufactured by SUPSONIK, S.L. are power units designed for high power balloon lamps (HMI - Halide Metal Lamp) used for:

  • Film and television productions, recreating natural light conditions
  • Stage and theatre lightning

The equipment - commonly called ballasts - are devices used to limit and maintain current intensity supplied in discharge lamps.

Electronic Ballasts developed by SUPSONIK, S.L. are devices that feed metal halide discharge lamps with a square wave. This feature allows you to avoid the flickering effect - commonly called Flicker, which is undesirable when recording movies. The Square Wave Electronic Ballast keeps the light flow virtually constant during an AC network cycle. The continuous light flow allows recording movies in "slow motion", that is, with any frame rate.

SUPSONIK, S.L Electronic Ballasts can tolerate large variations of input voltage and frequency without causing any undesirable effect on the output voltage, such as changing the temperature of light produced by the lamps. This feature is achieved thanks to the Booster stage incorporated in the input rectifier. At the same time, the output current which is stable - without ups and downs, makes it possible to increase lamp lifetime by up to 20%.

In addition, SUPSONIK, S.L. Electronic Ballasts include:

  • Adjustment of light intensity with a potentiometer from the front panel (50% - 100%)
  • Electronic control of output current (protections against short circuit and overload)
  • Built-in Lamp Ignitor
  • Double outlet for connections of two 120V / 2.5 kW lamps in series or a 120V 6kW lamp.
  • Input Ground Detector
  • Input power factor correction (PFC), reaching levels close to 1 (cosφ = 1)
  • Input voltage variation + 10% / - 20%

Our extensive experience in the manufacture of equipment with control algorithms of metal halide discharge lamps allows us to offer our clients a customized development with special characteristics adapted to their needs.

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