Our main asset

Since its creation, Supsonik has a solid base of power electronics acquired from its founding partners, whose knowledge and development in Conversion Systems dates back to 1983, in very diverse application fields. Our R + D Department absorbs and broadens this knowledge and specializes mainly in:

Development and manufacturing of non-standard electronic products and systems, ongoing innovation that offers innovation in the market, Project Engineering & Consulting.

Supsonik annually invests at least 10% of its turnover in improvement or creation of new products.

Products developed by Supsonik incorporate technological innovations in control algorithms, internal topologies as well as mechanical structures.

Advanced technologies

Products developed by our i + d department implement different internal topologies with the purpose of increasing reliability, improve performance and reaching higher standards of power quality..

AC / AC Converters

Back-to-Back topology with bi-directional power flow allows us to create equipment with energy recovery, reducing installation and operation cost of test benches.

DC / DC Converters

Buck-Boost topology developed and incorporated for power adaptation systems (S.A.P.). It allows to produce high performance and reliability equipment.

GPU Converters

LIT topology allows to reduce harmonic distortion of the input current by means of its magnetic re-construction, allowing to produce compact, robust and high-reliability systems.

UPSs (3-phase and single-phase)

Dual energy conversion topology with Synchronous Rectifier input. It allows correcting the Power Factor (PFC), working with a wide range of voltage variation and not penalizing the distribution network.

AC / DC Converters

Bidirectional Synchronous Rectifiers topology that allows working with re-generative loads, absorbing the energy generated by the load and injecting this energy to the electrical network.

DC / AC Converters

Multi-phase topology (interleaving) that reduces filter size by cancelling current ripple.

Control Systems

The ongoing innovation of the equipment is possible due to the incorporation of increasingly advanced control systems

Digital processor (DSP) based systems allow us to incorporate more efficient, reliable and smart process control algorithms into our systems.

Photovoltaic inverters

The built-in anti-islanding protection incorporated in all our Photovoltaic Inverters prevents the generation of energy in case of power outage

Voltage gap protection is incorporated in our Photovoltaic Inverters and approved by SGS, from the emission of the RD applied to photovoltaic installations ?2MW

Voltage and frequency converters / 400Hz Converters/ UPSs (three-phase and single-phase)

The inverter control system incorporates repetitive elimination control of voltage harmonics. This algorithm allows a significant improvement in output waveform quality, despite the non-linear loads connected to equipment output. Thanks to the algorithm used we obtain a pure sinusoidal form with a distortion value below 1%.

400Hz / UPS converters (3-phase and single-phase)

New control algorithms allow us to create redundant and parallel systems with equitable distribution of currents.

Mechanical Development

Mechanical developments of the equipment are carried out in close collaboration with the client, conducting the studies of application, installation and specifications required in compliance with the required standards.

Our developments carried out with the latest design software allow us to manufacture special and sophisticated equipment with very short delivery times. 3D printing is already incorporated into our designs to complement the development of non-standard parts.

Equipment with robust and reinforced structures.

Equipment type RACK 19 with equipment power increase.

Modular equipment with quick insertion and replacement of different equipment parts.

Anti-vibration and shock-absorbing systems with accelerations up to ~ 120G (link: shock test video).


Supply order start - in 2017-18 - of 44 UPS, Converter and Rectifier units for two tankers. Naval Defence Sector - Spain.

Supply of 22 units of equipment: UPS, Converters and Rectifiers for two Maritime Action Ships. Naval Defence Sector - Spain.

Design and manufacturing of B500kW AC / DC / DC regenerative test bench for traction motor, tram and electric bus testing laboratory. Railway sector.


Development for England University. Single and three-phase back to back converters 100kVA bi-directional with DC bus accessible for battery charging or power injection from external renewable sources. 4G remote control and communication. Rural supply.


C400 Hz frequency converters for aircraft ground powering, year 2013-2014 with exceptional technical characteristics in overload, overcurrent, harmonics and its coupling to aircraft generator during the short transition period of the aircraft generator to the converter network, the automatic calculation of voltage drops in the output cables and their subsequent compensation. We develop parallel coupling techniques with synchronous generators (DROOP CONTROL) along with control algorithms that eliminate voltage and current harmonics.

Static converters behaviour as synchronous generators.

Design and development of 15 modular UPS addressed to European Frigates under defence standards capable of withstanding shock tests over 140g X, Z, Y axes.


Test bench voltage gap generator, with energy recovery through a 500kw FV converter working as a voltage source simulating the main network, creating network variations reaching 80% of voltage drop for the generation of network holes, according to Spanish standard, and also generating network imbalances for asymmetric dip tests. Development year: 2011-2012. Approved by SGS. New investments for 2017...

Test bench for simulation of photovoltaic generators working on islanding in accordance with new regulations 2011/2012. Feature required in 2012 for PV inverters, retroactively for those already installed.


Photovoltaic inverters of 500-650 kW, development 2009, certified by SGS.

Power systems for simulation of fuel-cells. Naval Defence Sector - Spain.

Test benches for HF power adequacy (SAP) systems to transform the electric energy generated by a 320KW fuel cell to a 10,000 battery. Year 2009-2010. Naval Defence Sector - Spain.


High-security single-phase / three-phase UPSs from 25kVA to 100kVA for powering ground controls of safety systems and interlocking of high-speed bullet trains Year 2005, around 80 units. Transition to DSP Digital Control, communications.

PV Photovoltaic inverters from 25kW up to 200kW, development 2005-2006. Certificates by SGS certification body. More than 180 units of 100 Kw PV inverters sold until 2009.


AC / AC Three-phase Frequency Converters for AC Drive Motor Test Benches. Year 2002 Tension1500v, Frequency 10 ÷ 100Hz, Power 300kW.

DC Drive Motors Test Benches 1700V 600KW with energy recovery through a 700 kW three-phase AFE bidirectional converter and a 650 kW asynchronous generator. Development used for the simulation of wind generators and its control.

Three-phase frequency inverters of 400Hz, 75kVA, Naval Sector, 40 units.


Power control for electric ovens, cast iron, 50.000 A .

Development and manufacturing of 2-phase field converters for the creation of Electromagnetic fields for removal of impurities in the formation of steel.

Active filters for elimination of harmonics and reactive compensators.

Electronic AC/AC equipment of up to 120kW for the stabilization of light control and regulation for energy saving in public lighting in cities, highways ... 1100 units sold in year 1999.