Engine test benches

The test bench for motors with recovery to the electric grid developed by SUPSONIK, S.L. allows to carry out complete tests of the traction motors:

  • Direct current traction motors
  • Alternating current traction motors

The Test Bench represents an automatic check system for a wide range of traction motors.

The bank consists of several power units and centralized control that allows to carry out a full test cycle.

  • AC / DC or AC / AC input converter
  • AC generator
  • AC / AC Output Converter
  • Control and Measurement Unit (PLC)

Due to the transformation of the mechanical energy from motor to the electrical energy, the bench enables the recovery of energy, reducing energy costs up to 85%.

Another feature of this bench is its complete automation in the carrying out of tests. The whole system is governed by a central control, performing the tests automatically and providing the user with a friendly and simple system-wide interface.

Main parameters of DC and AC Test Benches for motors:

  • Rated power 600kVA
  • Programmable motor supply voltage (according to specifications).
  • Motor supply current up to 600A
  • Energy recovery (reducing energy costs up to 85-90 %.)
  • Measures of speed, vibration, insulation, resistance of windings, bearings temperature, etc.
  • Automated control with generation of test protocols
  • Database storage with all tests performed
  • User software with all processes controlled from a PLC

The existence of a wide variety of electric motors in the market makes it extremely necessary to adapt the characteristics of the bench to the parameters requested. The Technical Office Department of SUPSONIK, S.L. - in close collaboration with the client - performs all necessary analyses so that the bench´s characteristics satisfy the most demanding clients.

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