Test Bench for S.A.P.

The test bench for Power Adaptation Systems (S.A.P.) with energy recovery to the grid developed by SUPSONIK, S.L. allows complete testing of equipment that exchanges energy between two sources of DC voltage, such as:

  • Power Adaptation System between Fuel Cell and Battery.
  • Power Adaptation System between DC Bus DC voltage and Battery.

These SAP systems are an integral part in the propulsion of electric cars and buses, trams and trams, railways, submarines, and in any application where energy needs to be exchanged between a battery or supercapacitors and a main source of direct voltage, capable of generating and regenerating.


Test Bench for S.A.P. It constitutes an automatic test system for a wide range of electronic equipment for the exchange of energy between different sources.

The bench is composed of three main systems that allow to carry out a complete test cycle:

  • Unidirectional or bi-directional AC / DC input converter, which performs the function of Fuel Cell Emulator, or DC BUS Emulator.
  • DC / AC bi-directional output converter, which performs Battery Emulator function.
  • Control and Measurement Unit (PC, PLC)

Basic operation is as follows: The first converter takes the power from the distribution grid, delivering it to S.A.P. It transforms the energy by transferring it to the second Inverter, which injects it back into the grid. In case of regenerative tests with  bidirectional S.A.P., the process is just the reverse. Due to this recovery of energy, it is possible to test High Power S.A.P. with a reduced input power - usually between 10 and 15% of the total power - reducing energy costs up to 85-90%.

Another characteristic of this bench is its complete automation in the carrying out of tests. The whole system is governed by a central control, performing the tests automatically and providing the user with a friendly and simple system-wide interface.

Main features of the tests bench for S.A.P:

  • Rated power 55 kW, 110 kW, 330 kW (different powers available)
  • Supply voltage 400 V 3 ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Emulation of 1, 2 or 3 Fuel Cell Branches. Voltages 24 V, 125 V, 360 V
  • Bi-directional Battery Emulator: Voltages 48V, 60V, 120V, 360V up to 1250 A.
  • Automated control with generation of test protocols
  • Database storage with all tests performed
  • Interface with customer´s SCADA, control by MODBUS, ETHERNET, etc.
  • User software with all processes controlled from a PLC


The wide variety of combinations of input and output voltages of the S.A.P makes it necessary to adapt the design of the test bench to the requested requirements. The Technical Office department of SUPSONIK, S.L. - in close collaboration with the Client - performs all necessary analyses so that the bench features meet all requirements demanded and adapts to the specific needs of the Client.

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