Speed variators

Speed Variators developed by SUPSONIK S.L. are ready to work with asynchronous motors with cage rotor. These equipment are used when 

  • Checking torque and speed of a motor is required.
  • Regulating the movement of an engine in both directions and in a precise way
  • Performing functional tests in a test bench for asynchronous traction motors

Speed variators are electronic devices that allow speed and torque of three-phase induction motors to be varied.

The speed variator developed by SUPSONIK, S.L. Is a voltage and frequency converter that generates a nearly constant rotational magnetic flow in the air gap of the induction motor. The constant magnetic flow provides the motor a constant torque and allows to move large loads at low revolutions, very characteristic propriety for railway traction motors.

Speed Variator specially designed to handle two different types of induction motors with customized voltages and magnetizing curves (V / F ratio):

  • 420Vac III / 4 ÷ 100Hz / 55-110-330kW Traction Motors
  • 920Vac III / 4 ÷ 100Hz / 55-110-330kW Traction Motors

Speed Variator characteristics include the following parameters:

  • Programmable and adjustable frequency from the front panel
  • Selectable magnetization curve
  • Pre-programmed start and stop curves
  • Remote frequency setpoint
  • Change of rotation direction.
  • Integration of digital measuring devices on the front panel: Output Frequency Setpoint; Output Voltage and Frequency; Input Voltage and Current
  • Motor switch on/off by means of a quick connector
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