Fuel cell / Photovoltaic panel emulators

Photovoltaic Panel Emulators and Fuel Cell Emulators developed by SUPSONIK, S.L. allow FULL testing of equipment designed to work with this type of power source, such as photovoltaic inverters on the one hand, and electronic systems of electric vehicles powered by battery, on the other.

These emulators allow the construction of test benches that replace actual facilities (such as solar farms or physical fuel cells) that depend on variable atmospheric conditions or complex chemical systems, and allow testing under repeatable and controlled conditions.

They allow to simulate variable process conditions (changes in solar irradiance, aging of the generating installations, different types of panels and batteries curves, etc.) all in a simple and practical way.


The Panel and cell Emulators are constituted by an AC / DC converter that provides a DC voltage depending on the current demanded by the consumer, so that the characteristic V-I curve of the element being simulated is always followed.

The chosen curve can be varied during the operation of the equipment to simulate changes in the test conditions. Likewise, the control system allows the selection of the typical curve of photovoltaic panels and fuel cells, indicating only two parameters: open circuit voltage and maximum or short circuit current.

It is also possible to introduce the curves as pairs of V-I values, taken for example from an actual test of a system, or given by the curves provided by the manufacturers.

An additional advantage of using an Emulator system is the energy saving. In case that the equipment to be tested is connected to the distribution network, as it is the case of photovoltaic inverters, the energy taken from the grid by the Panel Emulator is returned to the grid by the photovoltaic inverter. Due to this recovery of energy, it is possible to test high power photovoltaic inverters at full load with reduced input power, typically between 10 and 15% of the total power, reducing energy costs up to 85-90 %.

Main features of Photovoltaic Panel and Fuel Cell Emulators:

  • Rated power 55 kW, 110 kW, 330 kW, 500 kW
  • Operation mode as Photovoltaic Panel, as fuel cell or both.
  • Supply voltage 400 V 3 ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Emulation of 1, 2 or 3 Branches.
  • Voltages 24 V, 125 V, 360 V, 600 V (consult other versions)
  • Intensities by branch of 100 A, 200 A, 300 A, 500 A.
  • Configurable curve selection: BoL, EoL, other.
  • Parameterization of Open Circuit Voltage and Short Circuit Current.
  • Interface with customer´s SCADA, control by MODBUS, ETHERNET, etc.
  • User software with all processes controlled from a PLC.
  • Local and remote control.

The great variety of combinations of input voltages and output currents of these Emulators makes it necessary to adapt their design to the requested requirements. The Technical Office department of SUPSONIK, S.L. - in close collaboration with the Client - performs all necessary analyses so that the characteristics of these equipments satisfy all demanded requirements and adapt to the specific needs of the Client.

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