Frequency converters

Frequency Converters are electronic devices that obtain at their output an alternating current voltage of a frequency programmed from an input voltage of a different frequency.

  • Wide range of equipment for naval industry
  • Ground-based power supply equipment (GPU)
  • Robust and compact systems with protection rating up to IP55

The fundamental function of Frequency Converters is to supply loads such as:

  • Motors
  • Flight control systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Special loads

In general all those systems that need a different frequency than the one supplied by the commercial distribution network.

Our equipment obtain a stable frequency, digitally generated and controlled by a microprocessor (DSP) that implements cutting-edge control algorithms. Power circuits based on IGBT's make the purely sinusoidal, symmetric and harmonic-free output wave. Due to the manoeuvring system and automatic parallelism, several equipments can be coupled to the same AC bus. This allows to distribute the load current, obtaining a great performance reliability.

Main characteristics of Frequency Converters manufactured by SUPSONIK, S.L.

  • Galvanic isolation between equipment input and output
  • Built-in Input Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Symmetrical output voltage with very low harmonic content (THD <1%)
  • Output voltage level adapted to customer needs
  • Operation with any type of load (inductive, capacitive, non-linear, etc.)
  • Capacity to withstand very high overloads and current peaks during load connections, starting tips, short circuits ...
  • Possibility to operate in parallel with several units connected to the same AC bus.
  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Easy and intuitive operator interface through a graphic display


  • RS-485 remote control with communication protocols MODBUS, PROFIBUS, etc.
  • Voltage drop compensation on load connection cable
  • Possibility of adjusting the output voltage from the control panel display
  • Alarm Log (History)
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